In DASARTES - 27/5/2014


Since the 15th April, the group show “Decifrações” [“Decipherments”] is on view, with artists Artur Barrio, Daniel Escobar, Daniel Senise, Gauthier d’Ydewalle, James Kudo, João Castilho, Leila Danziger, Lucas Simões, Luciana Paiva, Raquel Kogan, Renata Cruz and Virgílio Neto.

Curated by Mario Gioia, the show is based on the relationship between writing and visual arts, gathering works in varied languages, medias and approaches, by artists of different generations and styles, exploring the broad field of word and image. The group of artists investigates areas like codes, surfaces, essays, sketches, ideas and drafts from image and letter universes, in a contemporary manner, through photography, installations, drawing and objects, as well as other medias.

The show gathers a wide selection of Brazilian and one foreign artists, shows the approach to the theme in different ways, techniques and contents. The title for the exhibition was inspired by the eleventh chapter in “A Escrita”, by Vilém Flusser. “Deciphering is selecting content from its recipientes”, the Czech philosopher writes (1920-1991).




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